Wanna Be Better at Laravel?

With this guide, you can learn about ideas and concepts that recur on a daily basis in our job. 100% practice, 0% bullsh*t

Part I

146 pages of high-quality content about topics such as the SOLID principles or integrating with 3rd parties.

Part II

123 pages of high quality about topics such as advanced product filters, boundaries in modular systems, or static analysis.

100% practical

The book explains everything from a pretty practical point of view. Even theoretical topics (such as SOLID) are presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Tons of Code Examples

Each chapter contains a high amount of code representing typical business use cases. Examples you probably encounter in your day-to-day job.


About The Book

"Laravel Concepts" is a two-part collection of different ideas and concepts that recur on a daily basis in our job.

Part I covers the following concepts in 146 pages:

  • SOLID principles in Laravel with practical and easy-to-understand examples.

  • Building a dashboard with lots of numbers and sales-related data.

  • Handling discounts and coupons. It's a challenge that becomes a monster if done wrong.

  • Working with 3rd parties. Almost every application needs to integrate with external services. Let's do it right!

  • Custom fields. If your application has a lot of customization you can benefit a lot from this concept.

Part II covers these topics in 123 pages:

  • Advanced filters and sorters. A requirement that occurs often in business applications.

  • Boundaries in DDD and modular systems. If you're building a bigger-than-average system you'll probably benefit from these concepts.

  • Value objects everywhere. If you don't want to maintain huge associative arrays with random keys for the following years this chapter will help you, for sure.

  • Static analysis. It discusses three of my favorite tools that made my life much easier.

  • OS processes. Working directly with processes such as git.

  • Custom Query Builders. It's a less-known Laravel feature that helps you structure your code.

All of the above are presented with real use cases and real code. Each chapter comes with a mini project and downloadable source code.

What's inside

Table of Contents

Part I

146 pages

Part I teaches concepts and techniques that most of us encounter in our daily jobs.

  • SOLID Principles

  • Building a Dashboard

  • Handling Discounts and Coupons

  • Working with 3rd Parties

  • Custom Fields

Part II

123 pages

Part II focuses on more specific topics. These come up less often but the concepts behind them are pretty valuable.

  • Advanced Product Filters

  • Boundaries in DDD and Modular Systems

  • Value Objects Everywhere

  • Static Analysis

  • Working with OS Processes

  • Custom Query Builders

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  • Source code to 5 sample projects discussed in Part II

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Who Am I?

👋 Hey!I'm Martin Joo, a PHP developer since 2012. I'm also a content creator, blogger, and author of:

  • Domain-Driven Design with Laravel

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As you can see, I really love Laravel. I'm also sharing everything I know about development on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, for 30 days! Just reach out to me at martin@martinjoo.dev, and you'll get your money back. I'll only ask you why didn't you like the product.

Exactly what files are included?

This can be different based on what package you purchase.Basic: one PDF file that contains the 146-page Part I.Plus: one PDF and a ZIP file. One PDF for Part I. The ZIP file contains the source code to 5 sample projects.Premium: two PDFs and one ZIP files. One PDF for Part I, one for Part II. And the ZIP files contains the source code to 10 sample projects.

Can I upgrade from one package to another later?

Yes! Just drop me an e-mail at martin@martinjoo.dev, and I'll create you a discount code, so you only have to pay the difference between the two packages.

Is there an epub or mobi format?

Right now, every content ships in PDF format. The reason is simple: each PDF contains a ton of code examples. These code examples look very nice in a PDF where I can use HTML to format the pages.epub and mobi kind of mess this up, so this is why I exported everything in PDF.However, if you cannot live without these formats, drop me an e-mail, and I can export a copy for you.